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What happens when a large group of people make a small change?

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Earth Day is a great time to reward and recognize your employees for being sustainable in the workplace

Earth Day is April 22nd; and, at EE Incentives, our roots and passion lie in energy conservation. We have always asked the question: what happens when a large group of people make a small change? This concept has spread through the very heart of the company but is specifically represented in our unique offer, the Double Up Reward.

We know through our years of experience that small changes really do add up which is why we double the value of our rewards when redeemed for products from our extensive catalog of products designed to save you money and energy over time. With products available like advanced power strips, smart thermostats and faucet aerators, just to name a few, your employees can start making those small changes that can help save them money on their utility bills and save energy for years to come.

Follow us over on Facebook for tips and product intros throughout the month and get your employees excited about making a difference, together.

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