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Our Rewards

Our Reward Certificates are delivered to your employees and customers via email or in print. Reward Certificates allow recipients to select gift cards and prepaid cards at face value, or to Double their Reward value if they choose from our Smart Home and Healthy Lifestyle products.

The Benefits of Our Rewards

Reward Certificates can be personalized with your company’s logo, an occasion image, and a warm personal message. Recipients redeem rewards for what appeals most to them. Award choices include over 350 gift cards, a physical or virtual prepaid card, or the option to double the value of the Reward if they choose to shop in our smart home, lifestyle and sustainable products ecommerce store.

Reward Redemption Options:

DUR Design - With QR and generic card.png

Popular Gift Cards* and Physical and Virtual Prepaid Cards

TJ Maxx Gift Card
Home Depot gift cards for employees
Target gift cards for employees

Double Reward Value for Smart Home and Lifestyle Products

LED Bulb customer appreciation product
VehoVCC-003-MUVI Camera employee recognition product
Wemo 2 Plug customer appreciation product
Vehogx1 Head Set employee recognition product

Reward value doubles at no additional cost when recipients choose products

*The gift card logos represented above are registered trademarks of their respective brands and are used with permission. These brands are not sponsors/co-sponsors of this program, and are not affiliated with this promotion. Please see the back of your gift card for additional information on the terms and conditions of use.

Received a reward? 

Disclaimer Text

Why Choose Reward Builder
For Your Gifting and Rewarding?

Our Rewards are unique and can save you time and help you connect with your employees and customers by providing them with a meaningful reward experience. This can help you increase your employee engagement and customer loyalty.

TJ Maxx.png

Electronic Gift Card Redemption Options Allows for an
End-To-End Digital Experience

Fast to Order, Instant Digital Delivery, and No Trips to Buy Gift Cards for your employees

EE Incentives Visa - Grey-link.png
Example Occasion Image.png

Lots of Occasions to Choose From

Personal Touch with Occasion Images and Messaging

LED Bulb.png


At No



Double the Reward Value for Smart Home and Lifestyle Products

Reward Customization 

We have reward designs for all occasions or upload your own.

You can start building a reward to see the full list.

You can customize the message, and include the recipient name
and givers name

Rewards are available in multiple denominations

Include your company's logo on your rewards for a fully branded experience.

DUR Design - With QR and generic card.png


Reward value doubles at no additional cost to you or your recipients when the recipient chooses to redeem for products

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