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How Rewarding Works

In the office or on the go, build a reward for all occasions, with fun designs, your logo, personalization, and a warm message.



Send your rewards instantly with email, or request mail delivery at no additional cost.


Recipients redeem reward certificates online, selecting from hundreds of gift cards, prepaid cards, and smart home/healthy lifestyle products.

How Reward Building Works

1. Select your occasion image

Choose from a wide range of occasions and styles

Occasion Images.png

Ready to get started?

Want to know more?

How Reward Redemption Works


For printed rewards, recipients scan their QR code or visit our redemption site and enter their code. For emailed rewards, recipients click the Redeem Button

DUR Marketing Preview - With QR2.jpg
Email Reward Design.png


Recipients choose their redemption category and select the card or product they want.

Redemption Options:

Popular Gift Cards* and Physical and Virtual Prepaid Cards

TJ Maxx Gift Card
Target gift cards for employees

2x Value for Smart Home and Lifestyle Products

LED Bulb customer appreciation product
Vehogx1 Head Set employee recognition product
VehoVCC-003-MUVI Camera employee recognition product

Reward value doubles at no additional cost when recipients choose products


Then they follow a simple checkout process. Their selection is mailed or emailed to them at no additional cost.

*The gift card logos represented above are registered trademarks of their respective brands and are used with permission. These brands are not sponsors/co-sponsors of this program, and are not affiliated with this promotion. Please see the back of your gift card for additional information on the terms and conditions of use.

Learn How to Place a Reward Order

This short video walks you through the process of ordering a Reward.

Learn How Recipients Redeem Their Rewards

This short video demonstrates a reward redemption.  Want to experience it personally?  Use the TEST code 2522 2222 2222

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