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Admin and

Reward Builder is more than just a place to create and issue rewards for your employees and customers. It’s a platform packed full of features to let you manage your reward and recognition program – all in one place.

Admin Features

Users and Groups

Add unlimited administrators and sub-users with ordering privileges. Multiple User Groups can also be created and placed in a hierarchical order.


Reward templates can be saved from your past orders for even faster distribution!

Order History
and Reporting

View previous orders and download reports in real time.

Budgeting and
Fund Allocation

Manage budgets, set user spend limits, and allocate funds to User Groups.

Custom Images

Upload your own custom branding or design for a special occasion. Reward Builder supports custom images for Reward certificates.  


An assortment of training documents are available to help administrators order Rewards and help recipients understand their Reward redemption process.  

Have questions?


Work smarter not harder. Reward Builder offer integrations into your Paychex and QuickBooks platform to make rewarding your employees even easier.


Your Paychex Flex® account can now be conneccted to Reward Builder enabling you to:

  • Access Paychex data to select employees and issue customized rewards

  • Optionally automate the process for recording earnings for employees who receive a reward

  • Have the ability to “gross-up” to cover taxes for employees to ensure their paycheck amount is not reduced


With the QuickBooks integration you can access your data to select recipients and issue customized rewards. Reward Builder allows users to integrate recognition and incentives into their business easily and quickly.

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