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Reward Builder® by EE Incentives Brings Environmental Impact to Incentives Space

Reward Builder® by EE Incentives is proud to share its immense environmental impact as we celebrate Earth Day 2022. To date, EE Incentives’ innovative incentive solutions have helped millions of consumers globally save hundreds of millions of dollars on their utility bills, reduce electricity consumption by more than 2 billion kilowatt hours, reduce water use by more than 7 billion gallons, and a CO2 reduction equivalent to over 1 million trees planted. These impressive environmental results are achieved while offering substantially increased acquisition, retention, and loyalty results compared to traditional incentives.

EE Incentives encourages businesses of all sizes to invest in the planet as a standard part of their future success. They know that change starts with action, which is why they developed a rewards platform that provides a personalized, meaningful way for businesses to reward their employees and customers while also benefiting the environment.

“It is a tremendous honor for us to funnel our passion and decades of experience into innovative products that empower businesses to make sustainable choices that increase acquisition and retention while reducing costs,” said A. Hamid Andalib, founder and CEO.

Reward Builder® by EE Incentives is a self-service portal that allows companies of all sizes to create, customize, and issue fully branded rewards to their employees, members, and customers without contracts, order minimums, or fees. Understanding that small efforts can add up to revolutionary change, Reward Builder® doubles the value of its rewards at no additional cost when recipients choose to redeem from a catalog of products that promote sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint. These rewards can also be redeemed for conventional incentives like gift cards or prepaid cards—which not only increases the value proposition and appeal of these rewards, but it also allows recipients the flexibility of choosing to shop at local businesses or support companies that promote sustainable and environmentally-friendly business practices.

For more information about Reward Builder and for a full list of EE Incentives’ products and services, visit

About EE Incentives

Leveraging over 30 years of industry experience, A. Hamid Andalib founded EE Incentives in 2011 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, along with a seasoned team of incentive professionals. Their innovative approach to corporate incentives offers the first and only ESG focused rewards and incentives platform providing a unique value proposition, measurable ESG results, and a positive environmental impact. This revolutionary rewards platform provides the recipient with a double reward value when they redeem for ESG focused products. Reward recipients may also redeem for traditional options including popular gift cards and prepaid cards, allowing them to choose what matters most to them. EE Incentives’ rewards are ideal for a variety of customer and employee programs and have a proven track record of helping its partners meet their goals.

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