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Consistent and meaningful employee recognition positively correlates with greater engagement, increased productivity, and job satisfaction. More employees leave their jobs due to lack of recognition than any other reason!

Employee Recognition Programs

Don't Miss An Opportunity To Acknowledge Your Team

Reward-Worthy Occasions


Exceptional job performance

Consistent attendance

Accepting extra shifts

Sign-on bonus

Training and certification completion

Outstanding customer service

Safety achievement

Exceeding sales goals

Employee of the month, quarter, year

Wellness program participation

Job Promotion

Bright idea campaigns

Teamwork and leadership 

New employee referrals

Employee Engagement


Welcome to the company

Safe return to work

Years of service

Commemorate life events



Get well soon


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About Rewarding


Need help getting started?

If you have questions about how to run an effective employee recognition program, we can help!

What are the benefits to rewarding your employees?




Continued employee engagement is critical to your organization’s success. We can help you create and foster a workplace culture of recognition that increases loyalty and performance, reduces absenteeism and turnover, and contributes to high job satisfaction. When employees feel valued, they will work harder to achieve business goals, increase revenue, and help fulfill your corporate mission.

If you have questions about how to implement an effective employee recognition program, we can help!

Reward Builder offers a dashboard with enhanced features including budget allocation and controls, user hierarchy, reporting, and Reward customization.

Engaged employee celebrating their birthday
Employee engagement increases as you consistently celebrate your team’s professional and personal milestones and  achievements.
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