Reward Builder is a comprehensive reward and incentive platform. It includes the robust features you need to ensure the success of your programs.

Order your employee rewards right from your computer or phone

Reward Builder Overview

Why Choose Reward Builder for Recognition?

Reward Builder takes all the guess work out of rewarding your employees and customers because our Double Up Reward allows the recipient to choose their own reward. The easy web based platform lets you reward from the comfort of your home, office, or on the go. 

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Recognize your employees and appreciate your customers 24/7 icon

We Have Electronic Gift Cards as a Redemption Option for an End-To-End Digital Experience

Reward and Recognize at Anytime From Anywhere

24/7 Easy

Online Ordering 

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Recipient's Choice of Desirable Rewards, Help Drive Successful Programs

High Program Engagement Because Recipients Choose Reward

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We Support All Our Rewards With Friendly In-house Customer Service

We Handle All of the Customer Service In-house

The Rewarding Process

Order customer and employee rewards on your computer or phone icon


Start building your reward  design and customize it for your recipients

Mail delivery of employee recognition and customer appreciation rewards icon
Digital delivery of employee recognition and customer appreciation rewards


Select from instant email or print delivery options

Engaged employee or loyal customer icon


Employees or customers receive certificates with your personalized message

Increase engagement and loyalty with redemption options including gift cards for employees, Visa® Prepaid Cards, and smart home and lifestyle products icon


Recipients redeem for what matters most to them

Learn How to Order a Double Up Reward

This short video walks you through the process of ordering a Double Up Reward.

Learn How a Recipient Redeems Their Reward

This short video follows a Double Up Reward redemption.

Want to experience it yourself? Use our test code 2522 2222 2222

Admin Features

Budgeting and


Reward builder allows admins to create multiple sub-users that you can distribute a budget that they can reward their subordinates with as needed. You can also allow them or restrict them from spending funds on a card outside their budget 

ACH Payments

Reward Builder accepts ACH Payments to pay for orders and to preload your Reward Builder account.

Reward Templates

You can create templates for your past orders for even faster rewarding!

Custom Occasion Images

Need something branded? Can't find the occasion you are looking for? Upload your own image! We support custom occasion images.

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Simple reward process, plus the tools you need for managing a successful program. Fee free!





Work smarter not harder. Reward Builder can also integrate with QuickBooks to make rewarding your employees even easier. The integration allows you to pull employee data right into Reward Builder.


Reward Builder's Quickbooks app helps you recognize your employees and appreciate your customers more easily