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Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Holiday gifts for employees and holiday gifts for customers

As the Holiday Season quickly approaches, we are led to reflect on the things we are thankful for. We have all been through so much this year! This unprecedented business environment makes it more important than ever to say, “Thank You”, “Happy Holidays” or simply, “We Made It!”  Allowing your holiday recipients to select something meaningful to them individually makes a significant impact. Choice is powerful!

Gift selections include hundreds of retail gift cards, Visa prepaid cards, and our catalog of sustainable products at double the value (with NO additional cost to you) – all wrapped into one personalized certificate.

You design, customize, and issue the holiday Double Up Reward certificate at Reward Builder from your chair, avoiding a trip to the store or contact with others. Best of all, there are no fees, no program costs, no IT requirements, and no minimums. Every cent of your holiday budget goes where it belongs – to your hard-working employees or valuable business partners.

Reward Builder is available to you right now – please feel free to explore the administrative portal with no cost or obligation. Holiday templates are loaded and ready to select! I’m happy to give you a quick tour and answer any questions. Simply book time with me HERE to learn more.

Wishing you and your team good health and good cheer!

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