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Contactless appreciation in these days of social distancing

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

All digital, contactless rewarding for your employees and customers

Traditional holiday gifting simply won’t be practical this year. With many teams partially or fully working remotely, physical gifts like plastic gift cards, food baskets, or holiday hams may become impractical and may introduce unnecessary health risks for employees that purchase and distribute them.

Reward Builder gives you the flexibility to send a holiday remembrance with a warm message, branding, personalization, and no health risk! With options for both virtual and mailed rewards direct to your employees, contactless rewarding has never been easier. And best of all, you pay only face value for the rewards – no card fees, no program fees, no shipping cost. Happy employees, happy budget!

Get started with no cost and no contracts. Jump right into a platform built specifically to provide flexible and powerful rewards and gifts without unnecessary fees or administrative burden.

Stay well and stay positive!

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