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Your "to-do" list is about to get shorter!

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Easy employee recognition and customer appreciation with Reward Builder

If employee holiday giving is on your to-do list – and if you are on the fence about what to give and how to find money this year – I can help with:

  • A fee free program that starts at $10 per employee, all inclusive

  • Hundreds of gift choices, selected by your employee – not by you – including gift cards, Visa prepaid cards (no fees), and energy efficient/smart home/healthy lifestyle products

  • Personalization, customization

  • Virtual or mailed delivery

  • No cost for fulfillment

  • Full customer service

There has never been a more important year to spread holiday cheer; and likely never a year when you have more on your plate. We make it so easy – Reward Builder. At your fingertips, 24/7, for every reason and occasion.

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