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What a year it has been!

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Holiday gift cards for employees

It’s August – so why are we already thinking about employee holiday gifts? Just consider it a sign of the times! The whole year has been turned upside down – so it only makes sense that we would promote holiday giving in the summer!

A more serious reason for this message is to encourage you to thank your employees for their loyalty, dedication, and contributions. This year, more than ever, employees should be reminded of how much you appreciate the flexibility and sacrifices in this unprecedented business environment. Reward Builder makes it easy to say thanks at any time of the year as you order from your chair and deliver the gift virtually.

Reward Builder is at your fingertips right now and incurs no fees, program costs, or minimums. You are welcome to explore at and place some sample orders. Holiday images are there, as well as many other suggestions for ways and reasons to show appreciation.

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