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Stop the madness!

The Old Way of Gift Giving

  • Gather a list of employees

  • Drive to drug store

  • Stare at racks of gift cards

  • Try to guess what each employee might want

  • Select a prepaid card with fees or purchase several different merchant cards, hoping to please as many people as possible

  • Wait in a long line to purchase and activate cards

  • Drive back to the office

  • Write a personal message or card

  • Distribute your gifts

  • Handle employee requests to change their gift card

  • Look forward to the holidays being over


The Reward Builder Way

  • Visit and select a festive design

  • Create a warm holiday message

  • Upload your employee list

  • Checkout and pay face value for each certificate

  • Let your employees choose exactly what they want!

  • Drink hot chocolate, relax, and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Skip the hassle. Save time and money and give every recipient the gift of choice. Visit to purchase your holiday employee gifts.

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