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Healthy Return to Work

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Help employees return healthy to work

As your company embarks on a “new normal” work environment, the most important thing to communicate to your employees is that your care and concern for their wellbeing is paramount. Appreciation goes a long way and there are some key opportunities to let them know you are thankful for their help in keeping themselves and their co-workers safe.

We recommend recognition for the first day back, completing health questionnaires, vaccinations, proper mask wearing, appropriate social distancing, and teamwork. As always, Reward Builder is so versatile that the list is endless.

Recognize and reward employees as they make a healthy return to work

Each Double Up certificate allows the recipient to select from hundreds of popular gift cards, a prepaid VISA card (with no fees), or DOUBLE the reward amount for energy efficient, smart home, and healthy lifestyle products (at no additional cost to your organization). And through Reward Builder, rewards can be safely ordered and delivered from your computer or mobile device. Zero contact, zero program fees, and zero setup means zero stress for you.

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