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Caring for your Workforce

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Rewards and recognition for healthcare workers

September is often the month when wellness and health take a front seat. With the start of the school year (as odd as that may look this year), many people adopt a “new year’s” attitude and begin a health and fitness regimen. If your organization offers a wellness program, congratulations! You are positively impacting risk factors associated with preventable illness.

One way to increase participation and engagement in your program is to offer incentives. The incentives must be relevant with broad appeal and have a high perceived value to the participant; and they must be easy to administer and cost-effective for program administrators. Incentives can be awarded for participation, for goal achievement, or for both. Publicizing the program’s top performers is also impactful and aspirational to others on a similar health and wellness journey.

Building Personal Connections

One of the positive byproducts of this Covid year has been the ability to take more time for ourselves. In our organization, we chose to take advantage of the flexibility of working from home and create a walking challenge. Our program administrator kept it interesting with activities mixed in with our step achievement – posting pictures of our pets, our kids, our diverse surroundings, and throwback pictures of our teenage selves! We used Reward Builder to send Double Up Rewards as the weekly step incentive, allowing each winner to select what was personally most appealing.

Celebrating Wellness

We’ve had some really favorable fitness improvement, but none more impressive than our VP Supply Chain. Mike averages 20,000 steps a day and has lost 100 pounds. We salute him and all of the employees in every organization who have weathered the rocky business climate this year and who continue to be creative in supporting their employees during the turbulence.

RewardBuilder – jump right in and make someone’s day. No fees, no minimums, and no contracts for your organization - and hundreds of gift and gift card choices for the recipient.

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