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Build Morale at This Critical Time

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Recognize and rewards your employees and customers

As sections of the economy begin to reopen, new anxieties are arising for employees across the country. Many workers will return to the job feeling that their company has asked them to make uncomfortable adjustments in uncertain times. Morale management is critical to team management during disruptive changes. Teams that feel their sacrifices are appreciated perform better and push past more challenges than those who feel disillusioned or taken for granted. provides you with the tools to create a meaningful positive impact on workforce morale without getting bogged down in weeks of intensive program setup. With RewardBuilder, you’ll send Double Up Rewards to show appreciation when needed.  Each recipient selects gift cards, VISA prepaid cards, or smart home/healthy lifestyle products (with double the certificate value for products).  We fulfill all redemptions and handle all Customer Service. You pay only face value of the reward. No fees, minimum, or contracts.

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