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Customer Appreciation Programs

Acquire new customers and keep current loyal customers engaged by letting them know how much you appreciate them with a Reward from Reward Builder.

Increasing Customer Acquisition and Retention

Customer Incentive



Paperless Billing

Online Bill Pay

Door to Door Sales

Upsell and Cross-Sell


Social Media Contests and Offers

Loyalty Programs

"Close The Deal" Incentives

Occasions To Increase Customer Loyalty And Satisfaction

Repeat Customers


"Make It Right" Customer Service

Surprise and Delight

Anniversary and Birthday

Special Offers

Social Media Contests and Offers

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About Rewarding


Need help getting started?

If you have questions about how to run an effective customer  program,
we can help!

Why Reward Your Customers?

What Are The Benefits?




An appreciated customer is a loyal one. Offering incentives and rewards to your customers is one of the most effective ways to gain and retain their business. Our customer reward programs can dramatically increase your Net Promoter Score, promote peer to peer recommendations, and decrease your acquisition costs.


Reward Builder offers enhanced features including custom images, budgeting and ACH payments

Loyal customers thanks to customer appreciation
When you reward customer loyalty, customers remain... loyal!
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